Ceramic Coatings


What will a coating do for my vehicle?

Ceramic coatings applied to your vehicle are one of the easiest ways to keep your vehicle looking newer, longer.  We take the time to make the paint look as perfect as possible and then apply a coating that bonds to your paint and add additional gloss to make it even shinier. It creates a protective barrier on your paint and will help protect your vehicle from the elements.  Washing your car becomes much quicker and it looks like it was freshly detailed with just a simple wash. 


What is a Coating?

Coatings are liquid forms of ceramic with additional materials in the chemical composition of it.  Some have diamonds infused in them, some have titanium, others have quartz.  We primarily use SB3 and IGL coatings which can contain all 3.  Titanium and Diamonds are ultimately the longest lasting. 


Why would I want a coating?

Vehicles with coatings will save you a considerable amount of time in cleaning, they will generally repel most of what the environment will throw at them. Bird droppings, bugs and rain will be repelled by the coating and will wash off with very little effort.  We offer window coatings, and even wheel coatings, and coatings for the interior of your vehicle as well.