Coating Care Info


FIrst 5 Days

Water only on the coated surfaces, this will allow the coating to properly cure to the paint. 


Do not use any products that contain waxes, they will cause your paint to look splotchy. The coating protects the paint from rain and normal weather elements. Avoid chemicals that can be harmful to the coating. ceramic coatings professional auto detailing Ceramic Coating Care

Washing Instructions

Hand wash or Pressure wash only, do not use automatic car washes as it will void your warranty. Do not use the brush at the car wash, it can introduce scratches into the coating. I include the first bottle of IGL wash with every IGL coating install, additional bottles are $10 each. 

Bird Droppings, Tar, Bugs

The coating will work to repel bird droppings, tar and bugs, wash them as soon as possible to prevent them from starting to degrade the coating.  

Any additional questions?

Please contact me at with any questions you might have.